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Are there any USB 2.0 adapeers that can output 720P over HDMI?

I know USB 3.0 HDMI adapters can but my laptop has no USB 3.0 ports given it's older.

If not HDMI how about VGA?

If not that are there any USB adapters that can output s-video?

The purpose is this.

The laptop has vga out and s-video out but can only use one or the other with the built in display.

I'm wanting to add a 24" HDTV to the laptop so that it's easier to see from a distance.

I also have an old Sony B/W TV I modded for a video input and I'll sometimes use that when laying on my bed to watch youtube.
The MANHATTAN USB 2.0 to HDMI Adapter is compatible with Windows and Mac, so there is no complicated configuration needed to convert and transfer digital information from desktop and notebook PCs to other devices with HDMI input capabilities.
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