Unable To Download Extensions In UC Browser! What the heck?!


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Well, today’s topic here is a bit interesting. I decided to switch browsers & simply try something which I hadn’t before. (In my case, I’m trying the UC browser on my Windows 10 pc.) The initial setup process went just fine, but I experienced an unexpected hiccup as I was tweaking the browser to my needs: I can’t seem to download Adguard from the Chrome Web Store! Whenever I try, I get this weird error/dialog message:

With that being said, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what’s going on & how I can fix this strange issue?
If you need more details or feel the need to ask me anything about this, feel free to do so & I’ll get back to you!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!



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It's true that no one wants to install such a thing on their computer, but this error usually occurs when a browser blocks the installation of this extension. Thus, it is quite likely that there is a conflict between this browser and/or this their extensions.
Warning - Do not use such things in the future until you have figured out very exactly, what it will do on your computer and what additional junk and/or malware it will install.
Now that you've already installed it, you've installed a lot of nonsense (malware, junkware, etc) that you never really want to put on your computer.
In addition, it is quite difficult to get rid of this mess.
Good luck.