Total Club Manager 2003

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As a hating-sports-game-loving-cm-though-kind-of-man I must say this is a aweful game.. bad, yack...
"Francessco Totti hadn't got lied in weeks. 2 moral points reduced"
2 moral points = 1.8 ability points??? how come??
damn game, damn stupid lines that supposed to make the game better..
lousy game, aweful...
heh, you have a real skill.. heh.. I hadn't enough time to see if it is indeed (heh, for first I in a row :D) a hard game, sent me to bed very soon.. I was very disappointed, I don't even think I'll give it an other chance...
stupid game, stupid... damn rzr-team too.. ahmp..
first thing hire your staff as your players wont get as tired and make sure that the assisant manager does the training.

Secondly, buid some youth centres all over the world, u dont have to do them all, and make sure you have a talent scout.

Thirdly take your players to a theme park to get morale and atmosphere up, this is in the calendar option, you can only do this once a year.

And dont sell your stadium rights as the fans wont like you and its even harder to get them on your side.
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