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To all of you out there!!

can someone tell me something about this time warp feature of the windows XP edition. How am I possible to initialize it....
Well its kind'a cool ha.. I mean we can move backwards to a certain system time in the past to avoid errors.....whoah!

WEll tell me if I do got he wrong impression.....

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It worked for me after McAfee AV & FW gelled my machine to a standstill.

Wanted a Gig of pagefile & 99% CPU time,

Back a couple of days and Bing all was as near right as you get in Windows
when you install windows XP it makes a whole lot of backups which takes up a lot of disk space but is very effective when it comes to:
safety of the system in case of viruses or other things that damage the computer.
and ANTI PIRACY! is the single biggest reason microsoft put so much effort into designing XP. If someone tries to mess around with the system files to crack windows XP and have a 'pirate' copy or try something illegal the backup files will be there to replace/rewrite the 'updated' files.
is it the same as the standard system restore feature of xp?

system restore does the same thing...rolls back your pc from its preious state even earlier if you somehow screwed your system.
yep, thats what i do too.


to access this feature one has to go to the control panel and to the performance and maintenance. inside the performance and maintenance window, look for the small icon that says system restore. click that icon. inside you'll be able to set the number of restore points that you'd like stored in your system and just click on the operations that you want your system to do.
as simple as that

it works most of the time. perhaps it depends on how much you've ruined your system files...
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