Changing Role within Company with 10 months of experience


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Hi All,

I joined the forum just today.
I have a situation for which I need advice/opinion from experts who are in the field of IT.
I am working in a small company as IT Technician, I joined this job in June 2018.
Its my first IT job though I have CCNA and a degree as well but it is my first corporate IT job.

Today I found out that my senior is leaving, leaving the Windows System Admin vacancy behind.
I am thinking if I should move ahead and ask my manager to give me this opportuinity so that I can grow and we do not need to hire a new (unknown) person and tell him everything about our systems such as IPs, Passwords, Firewall etc. at the same time I am also confused if its too early.
Although I am fairly new as compared to the guy who is leaving but I feel that I would have to take the responsibility to learn more/faster.

What do you guys suggest?
Our system has Server 2016 having DC, file sharing, printer sharing and WSUS on it.
Veritas backup system.
Windows 10 PC
Mitel VoIP system
Joomla Website (intranet)

Thanks in advance


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Asking doesn't hurt does it? Most boss's will just say no if they want to hire someone else and nothing bad happens. Go for it, good luck.

I've always worked alone and have no stomach for corporations so take my advice with a grain of salt as I've never allowed myself to be cubicled.
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