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First off, mods, this isn't a question or anything, so no need to move this to General Hardware/software section...

But I'm happy because I finally got Gentoo working.. So far it's the coolest distro of Linux that I've worked with so far.... consider this.......

All I needed to install X-Chat (IRC client), was (I ran these commands on command line);

emerge Xchat

(after that's done)


And that's it! I'm in Xchat! For Firefox.. I just did:

emerge mozilla-firefox

(and after that was done)


Seriously, installing stuff doesn't get much easier.. two friggin commands!! This is all thanks to the system Portage.. it's Gentoo's package system, and I think it kick ass... very easy to update entire OS, or install some new stuff... Right now I'm configuring my GUI's.. I'm in KDE right now, might try out fluxbox or something soon.

Anyways, the whole point of this thread.. Share the joy of Linux, and the fact that I'm really happy now. :) :) :)


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haha hellfire when did u join? and dude, u only helped me decide whcih CPU to get,l ol