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hi there my name is nick im 23 and run a farm with my family asside from playing on the pc/consoles all day however i have hit a snag and came here to find some answers hopefully i am a battlefield 2 fan love the game but i love the mods even more my brothers and i would like to play some games together on custom maps but we can not host our own server on one mod in particular the mod is battlefield 2 airmaps!!!

i have downloaded airmaps server client files but do not know where to extract them to i want to use the battlefield 2 standalone server hosting tool i can select the maps in the mod to play and start the server it goes to the black window and does not load anything because the files i have are not in right place any information on this would be greatly appreciated

remember battlefield 2 airmaps server client files to host my own standalone server from pc believe that is all the info required to get the info if i missed something please let me know!!!
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