The Medal of Honor pwns you all.


a true hero who fought and died to help save many lives... he should be honored with great respect.

vega, no need for sarcasm.


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Nice. He most definately deserves it. At first I thought you were talking about the Medal of Honor series...:p


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The other two post-Vietnam Medals of Honor went to Army Master Sgt. Gary I. Gordon and Army Sgt. 1st Class Randall D. Shughart, two Delta Force troopers who died defending the crew of a helicopter that was shot down in Mogadishu, Somalia, in events depicted in the book and movie "Black Hawk Down."
Those guys really deserved it too. They went down to protect the only surviving pilot in the crash (who was captured but released later). They landed, aided the pilot, then went out and defended the position. There where hundreds of Somalians around the area, and they were evnetually killed and overrun, but they sure made them pay before they went down. True heros. Anyone who read the book knows what I'm talking about.