The handiest websites you will have ever seen....

The Internet has become something great nowadays,with the introduction of web 2.0,the web has really no barriers! This is a guide of my favourite websites i have come across over the years,that im sure will make your life easier!


Everyone had done it,Needing to convert one file to another,so you do a google search and you end up downloading heaps of Adware/Shareware Converters that dont even work properly! Well those days are over with ZamZar Online File Conversions!

What do they convert?

This Link will tell you all the possible conversions


You Want to torrent,But your either at a friends house and you dont want to touch there router,or you just dont know how?

Bitlet solves all this,Bitlet,You online torrent client!

Are you sick of the big file hosting companies,forcing you to wait inline,limitting your downloads and download speeds?

No need to worry anymore,with File Dropper,the nets best and easiest File Hosting service! No Reg required!


You just want the down low of a game review,Visit no fuss review,that cut the crap and give you a one word review of any game for any console/handheld!!
If you would like to add more websites to this,please PM me and i will see if its suitable,if it is i will add it to this list and give you credit.