startx error

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Not A Super Techie
i'm getting this error when i enter startx

timeout in locking authority file /home/owner/.ICEauthority

any ideas?
have you configured X properly with xorgconfig?

which window manager?

have you run xwmconfig to choose a default window manager?
i was using kde for about a week now, i logged out and when i tried to get back in it gave me the error.
no write access to home directory?You logged in as the right user,(sorry have to check) assuming your user name is owner?

have you made any changes recently?Like permissions changes or anything?

in a terminal or console do this:
ls -al /home .............and see what that says, you should have read/write/execute priveleges to your home directory
for some reason it had root as the owner and group.
i'm not sure how i did that but thanks for the help
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