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hey I have a question relating to the windows9.x registration.

I am a Litestep theme developer building a new theme and wanted to enter some sounds for when the shell starts up, recycles and closes.

I went into regedit and made a new folder under:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Appevents\schemes\apps called Litestep.

I did this because sound recorder mediaplayer both have these.

And then added two subfolders called Open and Close.

The weired thing is that the Open sound works.

But i was wondering how I could define when to PLay the sound.

PS: LSCP.exe which is a litestep shell control panel also plays the sound when executed. but nothing else does.

Did you add a .current and .default key to each of the open and Close keys subfolders?
And did you attribute the sounds in the Sounds and Audio devices area under your particular scheme?
Regedit: adding sound events

oh yeah man. You mean for the .default and .current schemes, yess i did do this.

id did everything exactly as mediaplayer and soundrecorder has it.

I also tried to add a recycle event under the events folder(forget what its called) where open and close and empty recycle bin are.
but that failed also.

Is there any documentation on this anywhere?


uhmm dont worry you guys/gals, I dont care. Windows Blows and has pre"Determined" events that cant easily(!) be changed in anyway.

found some info and it ends up that "after you have entered the 'regkey, simply select an event for it. to find out the, 'correct event goto the 'correctregkeyentry' and choose from the list"

An OS an os! :eek:
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