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I'm on XP SP2 Compaq Presario, 512 MB RAM, 2.0 GHz AMD Sempron. My cable connection lets me connect to MSN at times, but other times it will bring up the error of "Default Gateway is offline" and I have to repair but it doesn't do anything really, still lets me connect to MSN, then afterwards, it says the key ports are messed up, yet I can still connect. My download and upload speed is nearly nonexistent and I can't view webpages because it takes so long for them to load up, going less than 1 kb/s. Tried repairing the connection with the default status repair, and the Winsock XP Fix, ideas?

Could this be a hardware problem with the computer?


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Try a more logical approach first. Rather than running out and buying something you may not need. I run the wifi setup here at the hotel I work at.
Try this first>
Power down all of the network devices. Modem, router, and computers.
Power up the modem first. Give it several minutes to make the connection and get stable.
Power up the router. Let it go through the start up.
Power up the computers.
When I get errors or the speed goes in the crapper here at the hotel I do that routine and it's good to go.

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Try what setishock suggested. It allows the modem and network to reset and establish a clean connection. That has helped me in similar situations.