Routers and Internet Connection sharing?

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Hi I am in the process of setting up a small home network between 3 computers, however I am aware of the risks of internet connection sharing (ICS), what is the safest way to set this up, and do I need to buy a router, my connection is a cable broad band connection, I already have all the nic cards installed and a netbui network up and running. However I am worried about the risks involved and what I can do to make it safe.

Thanks .
By safe, do you mean from attacks by unscrupulous 13 year olds?

Several things you can look into if that's the case. You could buy a DHCP router that has some built in security. This could be moderately expensive, but (I think) may be the solidest solution without turning yourself into a full-fledged IT admin.

A more practical solution, budget wise, is to use the built in Firewall in XP (assuming this is what you're using) and another firewall. Just do your background research before you make any hefty purchases. I'd suggest tiny software's firewall ( as one to look into and disuade you from any Norton security products.

Hope this helps you some, but if this isn't at all relative to your question, just post again. :)
Most routers nowadays you buy are of the NAT caliber, with some built-in security through DMZ. The DMZ 'host' on the router acts as a firewall, however outgoing data can become a pain, though if you don't rely too much on transferring files through IM mediums and such, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The firewall can be configured through the router's administration panel, but if it causes any problems, a software firewall is the next best solution.
Okay so my setup is going to be between a laptop with Winxp and two computers running win 98 Se. The "server" the one connected to the cable modem is a Win98 Se computer, I already have all the nic cards I need and don't have any IRQ conflicts, I have patched Cat5 ethernet cables.

So now I need 1 hub right? and I have to decide on a software firewall or a hardware firewall (a router), I have Norton 2002 do I install it on all PC's or on the Server only?

Finally is it possible to allow file and printer sharing through NETBUI and ICS obvsiously through TCIP? Or everything must work with TCPIP?

ok this is what you need and it is the safest wasy to go. You will need a cable router, why because if you go with a switch or hub the computer with internet connection will have to be on to allow the other computers to go online. Routers have a firewall which is what you want for a safe network. (may i suggest the D-Link 11Mbps Wireless DSL(it says DSL but it also works with cable, i have cable) Router w/ Printer Port (802.11b Compliant), it has three ports in the back,you won't have to have more than one computer on to use the internet or print which is very convenient. you can find this @ i have bought many things from them and had no problems.the wireless part will let your lap top to be more mobile.if you buy the wireless card for it.) any way if you want to be extra safety you will need to put a firewall in each computer, caution though, if your an online gamer you might have a problem with the firewall letting you play.
and of course you'll have and anti-viruse program on every computer. I have the exact set up you want and i have had no problems. I leave my modem on for more convenience for others. i had a few viruses from downloading though but nothing norton anti-virus couldn't handle. by the way any firewall will do.
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