Restoring Incredihell e mails

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I accidentally did a partition restore image to the whole hard drive instead of the partition I was supposed to. I used a Data Recovery tool to get what files I could including one with my Incredimail (Incredihell) emails which had the following files in it.

0 Assorted emails.imh
0 Assorted emails.imm
0 Domain.imh
0 Domain.imm

There were a lot more files in the folder, all ones I had created in my old incredimail program except for the top two that say Temporary, I donÂ’t know what those are.

When I click on one of these files it opens the incredimail program and shows me an email with the cursor in the “To” box,
“0 Assorted emails.imh” in the Subject box,
“0 Assorted emails.imh (3KB)” in the attach box and
“0 Assorted emails.imh” is written in the body of the E mail.

When I open one of the files with Note pad it has lots of information in it like this....


I installed a fresh copy of Incredimail with (Build ID of 1850934 and a Setup ID:2) onto a computer with Win98SE as the OS.

I then went to the Incredimail program and did a
“File/Data and settings transfer/Transfer to new computer”
which created a cab file which had all of the files I had just added.

I then went to Incredimail program and did a
“File/Data and settings transfer/Transfer files from old computer”
and opened the cab file I had just created, I could see it transfer the files I had just added.

I closed Incredimail and then opened the program but the imported files did not show up, it still list the 4 messages in the inbox that came with the Incredimail install.

I did a “Transfer files to new computer” before changing anything on a fresh install of Incredimail and got a .cab file with the following listings.


It looks to me that I still have to find more files before I get what I want.

I tried copying all the .imh and .imm files from the Data Recovery folder into the Incredimail/Default Identity/Message Store and to Windows/Im/Identies/Message Store. I closed and reopened Incredimail but the files did not register.

I can see the files I need, it seems I am close to recovering my emails but I could be wrong on that I wish I had never heard of this program!

Any assistance appreciated. Thank you in advance,

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