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hey guys. a couple years ago i was pretty heavy into computers. did a little bit of everything, gfx,programming,hardware, and just general knowledge. well after i dropped out of the computer tech program at my school (teacher was awful, didnt teach shit..made us do bitch work), i kinda lost interest and stopped staying current with technology. well now ive been getting into building a new computer for myself and realized that i used to be really into this stuff and i wouldnt mind getting into it again ya know.

i took a programming class last year, we used QBASIC and i did pretty damn well except for a few concepts that i didnt really understand (maybe it was cause i was asleep most of the time). anyway, i think it would be pretty cool to get back into programming just for fun. right now i dont know what i want to major in in college but i have a year or two to choose and id like to see if id like computers to be a career for me.

but what im tryin to ask is where should i begin? i dont know much terminology anymore and ive pretty much completely forgotten most of what i learned in programming class and completely forgotten HTML n all that good stuff.

i used to have a website that had a webcam of me 24/7 and i thought that was pretty cool. maybe i should start with re-learning html and trying to understand how to make a layout and how to go from a picture to having it the layout of my page using tables, a concept i never understood. anyway..any "newb" links or advice you could send my way would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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I wouldn't really bother doing HTML, unless you like building websites, and at any rate, a WYSIWYG program is much easier and quicker, personally, I'd read a few good books and start by learning VB, its easy, powerful, but bloody expensive (limewire is your friend...:D). Thats a good place to start


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welcome to the forums then. and wow so many gurus and mods i dont know about here just pointing out. hope u enjoy it here.

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HTML is easy to pic up, especialy if you have done it before it will come back to you in no time at all. Most of the stuff can be picked up from forums just reading new posts and tech sites


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Yeah, html, javascript... you wouldn't want to go much more into thoughs unless your really into building websites... but yeah, I personally wouldn't learn VB either it teaches you bad programming habits, learn something like python that you can program and just run instead of compiling everything first and what not.



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PCWorld magazine. I'm a subscriber. Hell, I just got one today in the mail, haha. IT's great, but I don't read it as much anymore since school started. It's got technology reviews, discussion of new techy terms and goes in depth on explaing them, software, latest gadgets, troubleshooting sections, etc.