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As a future educator, I feel that technology is ever changing, and we must keep up with the times. It is both good and bad! Technology can hinder learning and you lose a lot of that interaction. But it does make some things easier and more plausible especially with things that would be more hands-on; it makes the learning process the same for children with disabilities and children with no disability. (Meaning no child feels like the odd one out.) I, for one, am terrible with technology lol. I can't even turn in a document as a word document lol. But I feel that lessons having an online option on top of in class discussion or experiment is a good idea.
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That's an excellent mindset you have over there! Technology is constantly evolving, and if used properly can be a powerful tool in the classroom. But, more often than not, it happens to be a distraction(I'm speaking of mobile phones). Kids spend too much time staring at their phones, thus developing an addictive habit of unproductive usage of phones. Speaking of all those useless apps... However, tech is not to blame here, of course. As you said, if used properly, it can diminish the differences between children with different capabilities. That being said, the role of the teacher is vital here! And by what you've written, I sense you will be a good one!
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