Reading Mime in OE6

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I'm new to these forums, and I need Help.
My problem is reading some emails in Outlook Express 6,
ie: forwarded emails from AOHELL users,(plz don't be offended).
These emails are blank. Is there any fixes or programs I can use
to read these emails ?
1. Best solution: Stop using AOL.

2. Next best: Stop Using AOL.

3. If neither of these choices are acceptable: Stop using AOL and try forwarding the emails to yahoo or another online email account and forward the mail from there. I am not sure, but I think that AOL encrypts the mail sent to it's servers specifically for the purpose of having to use AOL to read them. If that doesn't work see solution number 1.

I'm not being a smart ass, it's just that... well AOL blows harder than Richard Simmons at a "Gay Pride Parade". (Not that there is anything wrong with being gay... do what you wanna do)
Yes Most are FROM Aol users. and sometimes other ISP's. In fact, I just received a Fwd email from a Yahoo user and it was also BLANK..........?????????? :(
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