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I have a few questions...

I mainly use my PIII 933 w/192 SDRAM for online gaming and internet browsing. Would u recommend a raid setup? Which one (1 or 0)? I have 2 hard drives, how would i set up raid? what if my HD's are 7200rpm/5200 and diferent sizes, and the HD are split up into different sections, ie. i have a C:,D:,E:,F:,G:,H:,J:,K:,L:,and M: drives.

Thanks for your time!
To create RAID you need to format the drives. The RAID controller will do this. Therefore what drive letters you have now are irrelevant. I strongly recommend against using different drives in a RAID setup. It can cause problems. With the hardware you have now, I do not think RAID is the best choice, however when you buy equipment in the future, considering the use of RAID then would be a good idea.
Chopper is dead on!

Using different make/model drives for RAID is asking... no begging for a disaster!

If going to RAID, only use new drives, good cables and definately format with NTFS

After you setup the RAID from the controller card, you can partition the drives into multiple drive lettersas you see fit.
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