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So our (maybe all?) cell phone carrier has switched to VoLTE, and we can not make or receive phone calls. I have spent several sessions, the last one lasting over 90 minutes with one of their agents, and we could not make our phones work. I don't know if the problem is our phones, or settings. and apparently they do not know either. I really need some help. our phones are Motorola G 5 Plus. so they are not brand new. our carrier is TracFone (I know) but it is what we can afford, and we don't need top shelf performance. what I have gathered is they have switched to VoLTE. I believe that our phones do LTE, but I don't know if they are VoLTE capable. I'm not completely against getting new phones if it is necessary, but we are on a small fixed income, so any place we can save $$$ we need to. does anyone know if we need new phones? or how to fix this issue? it's driving me insane, and worse, I have a teenage daughter and wife who cannot live without their phones! H E L P ! ! !


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I do believe all carriers (that I know of) have dropped or are dropping 3G. I know with my carrier (Cricket) they pulled up some BS whitelist and forced it on everyone. Maybe this Reddit disciussion will help. I tried finding something more definitive but it's after midnight and my brain has shut down for the night.

If you do end up needing to get different phones be sure to check out Swappa. I have bought and sold on there and can vouch for the site. If the phone is not being sold by a dealer then you can haggle some over the price, and all payments are through Paypal.
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