Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB

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a 256mb card!?!!?!?!?!....very overwhelming...but does anybody know how this beauty actually performs in comparison to the 128mbs...or is the additional 128mb just wasted memory?
I'm no expert but i dont think it will boost speed substantially (if at all) right now, but as games use more and more graphical memory for textures it will be used. but by then the 9800 will probably be old and grey :)
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yup,...fps in unreal increased by almost 200% based from an article i read comparing the performance of bfg's geforce fx 5800 ultra and ati radeon 9800 pro. both were only 128mb.
i think you can never really have too much memory.
Actually, once games start leveling out (which they never will because "4D" will come out).

The more memory, they better. And nVidia finally made a good card from the FX series.
This review over at Tom's Hardware Guide sure makes me think the 256mb card is a waste of $$ at the moment. Not that you should completely put your trust in Tom's Hardware, but for the most part they're usually right.
well, they do have a point. correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that's why ati only produced limited number of cards. Ati has even ran out of stock (online shop) Because not everybody is going to need a 256mb video card....not right now anyway. In practical terms, a 64 mb would do a good job,....128 is even better, and would perform to any gamer's standards....even in digital imaging. a 256 would just be an overkill,..but who knows,..in the future, it might just be the standard for daily computing and gaming.
The current bandwidth limitations of AGP is one factor which contributes to the problem of more memory on a graphics card not proving too much of a significant performance increase. Professional graphics users, however, will seek a need for more memory on a graphics card.
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