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Will start of with a bit of PC specs:
It's a Dell Dimension 9100 from 2005, 3.2GHz P4, 2GB RAM, 160GB SATA HDD, Ati Radeon HD 4350 512MB GFX card.

To the problem, however not a necessity to read if you don't care about the background story:
From out of nowhere my computer freezes. I shut it down, and try to start it back up. Dell screen loads with a huge amount of artifacts all over the screen. It changes over to the XP loading screen, with a huge amount of artifacts there as well. After it has loaded, the screen goes blank and the screen shuts off (button on the screen turns from green to orange). I figured it was the graphics card, so I went and bought a new one (the 4350) to replace it with the old nVidia GeForce 7800GTX 256MB card that was in before. Said and done, the computer started up. Happy as I was, I tried to put some pressure on the graphics card just to see what it could do; if it was any better than the older one.
After I while it started smelling burnt. I immediately turn the computer off and feel the PSU. It was extremely hot. I let the computer rest for a while (about one hour) and then turned it back on. It ran fine this time. No temperature rise or anything. Then went out for a while (turned it off before I went out) and then came back home and turned the PC back on. This time, the PSU fan wouldn't spin. After about a minute or two, it started spooling up.

This morning, I started the computer and went in to take a shower. After about 15-20 mins, I come back and I can feel that burnt smell again when I entered the room. Took the side cover off, and the fan wasn't spinning. I shut the PC off, and restarted it after about 10 mins. I looked at the fan while the PC was starting, and it had problems coming up to speed. After half a minute or so, it got up to speed. I fear the PSU is failing.

I believe I need to replace the PSU in this Dimension 9100, however I hear that a Dell is a ***** to replace components in. I also read something about replacing the PSU only with an "ATX" PSU. What's an "ATX" PSU, and what's the difference between an ATX and a "regular" one?

I was thinking about this one: "Corsair PowerSupply (PSU) 650W TX ATX". Will it fit?

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
An ATX PSU is in fact, a 'regular one'. Dell create PSUs in odd shapes and with occasionally odd connectors to force their customers to buy replacement parts from them. You can however look up the part number for the PSU, or just look up by PC Model and pick up good 2nd Hand parts these days.

An ATX PSU may not be suitable for the case, and you may have to cut some of the metal away to get it to fit. I'd recommend getting a proper replacement.
yea, your dell uses an atx psu.

but you definitely won't be needing a 650w psu to power your pc, it won't need nearly that much power. if you can find a corsair 400w instead, that will be more than enough.

also, the dell psu had a proprietary connection for use with dell's mobos only, so to use a different psu that's not from dell, you'll also need to buy an adapter.
Adapter for Dell Power Supply
Ouch.... There's nowhere to get those adapters here in Sweden. I'll just have to try and see what happens. It's not like I can order one from the US... :/
Just to let you know; with a bit of bending the case metal, it all worked out fine. Everything is connected and working properly. No need for any adapters.
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