Problems accessing some websites


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I am a PC user. I also use Mozilla Firefox. I have a linksys wireless router. It is connecting 2 pcS. I have a laptop that is used wirelessly and a desktop that uses an ethernet cable. both connect to the internet via a motorola surfboard courtesy of comcast. For a while I was able to access my school website without trouble, but it quit working for me. The site is . I can go to the main site at just fine, but I can't open the login page. I can access it by proxy, but then I can't log in. I really need to be able to use this site. I have tried both without the router, but plugged straight into the modem. I have only a McAfee firewall on both. I also had only Avast on both at one time. I have also tried to get it with no protection whatsoever. I can't get onto either with IE6 of IE7. I am open to any suggestions though. THanks for any help.