Problem With USB Device


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i have had my USB device (External Harddrive) for about 6 months working fine but i turn it on about 2 days ago and my operationg system (windows xp) make the hardware connected noise and i look in my computer but the icon hasn't showed up. i clicked refresh. waiting about 10 minutes did refresh again but it still didnt show up.

i opened device manager and it was there but i dont know why it didn't show up in my computer. i tried EVERYTHING in the trouble shooter about 5 times and it still hasn't worked. does anyone have a solution? note, i have tried this in many other computers and i got the same results?

Could my external harddrive be stuffed? any suggestions how to fix it?


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goto device manager find your external drive,

right click it and uninstall it,

unplug your drive,

reboot pc into windows,

plug drive back in