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Hi, I have been working on building a new computer rig, and I am using a Thermaltake LANBox for my computer case. This is a smaller, portable style case with a handle on the top for portability. Anyway, I purchased an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro aftermarket cooler for my CPU, and after installing it and trying to slide the motherboard tray into the case I realised that this cooler is much too tall to fit into the case. The power supply sits right above where the motherboard slides in, and about half of the Arctic Cooling unit hits it, not allowing it to fit. The CPU sits directly below the power supply, so there is no way to make this cooler work with this case.

I would like to see if there are any other good aftermarket coolers that have the cooling potential of my unit and are also low profile. In the future I may want to do some minor Overclocking, so I need something with good cooling potential. I have about 3 1/2" of total space to clear the bottom of the power supply, and something slightly shorter than this would be good, that way there is a little space above the cooling unit for proper ventilation. Is there such an aftermarket cooler out there? Please help, thanks.
What about something like this. - ZALMAN CNPS7700-CU 120mm 2 Ball Cooling Fan

It is in the top rated on new egg and according to the dimension it sticks up about 2.6" which would give you about an inch for air flow. I have a zalman cooler and it works well even with mild overclocking on my phenom II and it is very quiet.

Does your power supply have a large fan on the bottom drawing air through the PSU because if so this type cooler wouldnt work well because the two fans being so close together would defeat each of their purposes.
that one does look quite nice, although it doesnt look nearly as beefy as the one I had before it... I was hoping not to have to make a compromise in cooling ability, but I suppose I may have to considering my situation. *sigh...*

The height is absolutely perfect though, so its definitely an option. It is more than twice the price of the Arctic Cooler one though, I was kind of hoping to find one closer to the price I paid for it. Are there any others that I could take a look at? Id like to look at any coolers that have been proven to allow some mild overclocking and decide from those. I just want to make absolutely sure that im getting the best cooler I can for when I do decide to overclock. I really dont want to take any risk of overheating, I want everything to stay nice and cool even when I do overclock.

I do realise that it is unreasonable to expect to keep temps low when doing a lot of overclocking, but I only plan on going a couple hundred hertz upwards when I overclock. So im only going to overclock a tiny tiny bit.
yea, I kinda figured that id be stuck having to get creative with my case arrangement. However it is worth it considering I need something that I can take from place to place. I move and travel a lot so it is a necessity for me, not to mention the fact that I am totally spoiled with using my PC on a big flat screen :)

The one you linked to actually seems pretty darn good. It appears to be pretty beefy with lots of copper yet is very thin, although since all of the thin aftermarket coolers im seeing also happen to be wide, im going to have to do some measurements on my motherboard to make sure it wont block off any necessary slots on the board. Jesus I PRAY I dont end up having to go with the stock Intel cooler. Heres to hoping... - Thermaltake CL-P0257 Blue orb II CPU Cooler for LGA775 & K8

By the way, what do you think about this one? Heard anything about it? It also will clear my power supply and also looks really nice, which is a definite plus. I have clear windows on both sides of my case so if this fan beefy enough to cool my CPU well AND will look good, then this may be the one I go with. Although it is also the widest of the 3 mentioned here, so I will absolutely need to measure.
Ok... well I measured and as I thought, I am quite limited in the width as well as the height. I only have about 5 inches of space for the cpu cooler. Thats 5 inches of diameter, or 2 1/2 inches from the center of the cpu on each side. Any more than that and I would hit the memory, exhaust fans, and wall of my case. Also, the main motherboard heatsink is right beside the cpu, and is about 1 1/4 inches tall, so I would need something that would clear that, so the heatsink would need to stay extremely thin until about 1 1/2 inches of its height. This is going to be a royal pain in the butt...

I am really hoping I dont need to order a bunch of different heatsinks in order to test fit them all and see if they would work. Any more suggestions?
thanks, im checking out that site now. They seem to have the same info as newegg though, and my issue is that I actually need the bottom dimensions for the heatsink, and the top dimensions, since I have that motherboard heatsink to clear as well. I need to know how wide and how tall the lower, thinner part of these low profile heatsinks are as well.
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