Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)


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Also known to some vendors as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PAP)

This is a feature of your Anti-Virus software and some, like Microsoft's System Center EndPoint Protection (SCEP) and Window Defender, do not have this enabled by default.

In short, this feature can stop those unwanted, re-packaged applications done by download sites such as SorceForge, Download.com, etc. where they'll take the uploaded program, add a couple more application and then force you (or hide them) to have their products they've no doubt been paid by, to get installed.

Here are a couple links from Sophos and Microsoft. Since there are too many AV software out there these days, I'll let you investigate if you need to turn it on. It's no doubt something to look at if you've allowed users to have Admin rights to install things *slaps you on your wrist*

How to deploy Potentially Unwanted Application protection with Microsoft Configuration Manager - The Official Configuration Manager Support Team Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
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