possilbe damage??


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I was working on my computer the other day, and i had the side panel off with the system turned on. The power connector to the hard drive was loose, and i bumped the power wire causing the hard drive to power off then back on about 3 times in 5 seconds, which locked up my system. The drive also made a clicking sound that didnt sound too good. I fixed the connector and so far everything seems to be ok. Could this in any way have permanently damaged the drive?


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That's not good for the hard drive, but so is a hard reboot. It happens to all of us from time to time. I had to force a powerdown who knows how many times from Windows crashing on me. If it's up and running now, I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think there will be much permanent damage. Over time, the hard drive will experience normal wear and tear anyways.


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I hate forcing a powerdown. What really pisses me of is that the cheapest internet cafe near me is very poorly run.

Say that you are having a problem with a game, like it wont load or anything, what they do is come to your machine and try to load it for themselves. Then if it doesnt they force a powerdown and make you move. Well, I was on the same computer a month later and the problem still occured. I have notice this happen alot, with the same computers. Which is about half. So, half of the computer don't work properly and they don't even fix it, they just force a powerdown. That can't be good on the computer. At the end of the day they force a powerdown also. So the only way the computers turn off is through a force powerdown ALL the time.

I looked at the hardware in the comps and they have an amd64 3200, radeon 9800, 1 gig of ram. And the computer run VERY slow. I blame the powerdowns.