Possible for bgtad graphics card to fry dvi port on monitor?


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My girlfriend was using her computer with a 8600gt and all of a sudden she heard a LOUD pop.. The computer still worked but a little while later she tried waking it up from sleep mode and nothing happened. I turned it off and back on and the screen was going crazy with colors/shaking.

I took out th 8600gt and tried connecting the monitor (dvi) to her motherboard (has dvi) and booted it up and still didn't see video. I plugged a vga cord from her monitor to her motherboard and now it displays just fine. I have a 9800gt on the way to replace her card.

My question is since the dvi didn't work from the monitor to motherboard that the dvi port on the monitor may be fried?

Lol, bgtad = bad in title


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There is a possibility that it could have messed up the dvi port on the monitor. More than likely though, you need to go into the bios and turn on the dvi output on the motherboard. Any time you go from the pci bus to the onboard graphics you usually have to turn them back on in the bios.