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Do any of you guys have a Pocket PC or Palm? I have the Viewsonic Pocket PC V35. Its pretty nice. What PDAs do you have?
I have an ultra high-tech Palm IIIx! (Time to upgrade) I personally like the Palm platform better because it handles scheduling better (At least for me!)
I don't use mine for scheduling though, lol. Mine has wireless so that I can surf the web anywhere in my house or work.
For me, PDAs are pointless. Why spend $500+ on a toy, when you could get a decent laptop for the same price?...Meh. I'm just saying this because I can't afford any fancy gadgets like PDAs.

If I DID buy a PDA, I would get a Sony Clie. They are soooo cool looking...

EDIT:: Randy, that is truly cool. But don't websites look awful on that tiny LCD screen? :p
HP Jornada 565 here...it's great, and it's really an asset to my daily schedule planning. (I sound like an ad there, don't I :p ). I used to be absolutely sure of the superiority of PocketPC 2k to Palm OS, but after the release of the new Zire and the Tungstun C, I'm beginning the think that Palm's level of capability is quickly rising. The screen of the new Zire seriously looks like a picture. And of course, because PalmOS is already well designed and perfectly simple and responsive, having the XScale processor can really make the handheld device amazing to use. My next PDA (a year from now or so) will probably be the upcoming Dell Axim X3 or one of the color Zires. By then, I believe that manufacturers will have entirely ceased monochrome displays.
Those Dell Axims are nice. I considered getting one over the Viewsonic V35 but in my opinion, the Dell is just way too bulky.
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