Plz critique my planned system.

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Have not bought it yet (in the process of working my azz off for it) so I wanna make sure I get it right.
My budget is around $1000. I'm ordering it pre-built online.
I just wanna make sure everything will work well together, please post any suggestions or changes you would make or overall thoughts.
Also will this system play most of the newer games like MC2 with ease?

•CPU: AMD Phenom™II X4 965 Black Edition Quad-Core CPU w/ HyperTransport Technology•HDD: 500GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache 7200RPM HDD [-14] (Single Hard Drive)
•MOTHERBOARD: Asus M4A77TD AM3 DDR3 AMD 770 Chipset Technology SATA RAID MB w/GbLAN
•MEMORY: 4GB (2GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Memory Module (Corsair or Major Brand)
•SOUND: Creative Labs SB Audigy SE
•VIDEO: ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB GDDR5 16X PCIe Video Card [DirectX 11 Support.
700wt power supply
Thanks for the advice slaymate, especially about the sound card, that savings will allow me to upgrade to the 265 cpu.
That was a nice do-it yourself site but I will not be going down that road as everything I touch turns to ruin.

The main thing I want to know is is this a decent mobo for my build and is a 700wt ps going to be enough, because the prices jump up pretty high beyond 700wt. and right now i'm at $1001.
That's plenty of power. It probably isn't a reliable brand psu, but it will get the job done.
Where are you ordering this computer from? If you must go pre-built I would go with someone like Digital Storm, iBuyPower, or CyberPowerPC.
I'm getting it from cyberpower with professional wiring added. Is the Thermaltake V3 a decent case? I have never heard of Digital Storm, i'll give them a look over.
The audigy will be slightly better than your onboard but it isn't worth the cash for an old card like that. The onboard Realtek HD is pretty good these days unless you insist on the best sound experience like me :p

Try make sure your grabbing a C3 stepping 965 as well, they overclock a bit better and use less power.
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