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again thanks a ton for the informative replies :)

i was just checking out the z97 pro3 and i'm not sure if i can find the right one would you mind providing a link? (seems to be a ton out there).
i can find the pro4 but not pro3 for example:

seeing as these seem to support broadwell its a good idea i think to go the extra mile so i can use those chips incase i ever feel the need (i don't think the h81 will support those?)
Broadwell is expected for 1150, but there is still a possibility that there will be a new socket and chipset. I mean it's not expected to drop until Q3 next year. On the flip side, if it was compatible with the current platform I don't see all current boards wouldn't support it with a bios update.

Another thing to think about is Broadwell-EP should be on 2011-3 which is a DDR4 platform so the newer chips could be DDR4 on a new platform. Hard to tell right now.

Pro3 isn't that much cheaper.

ASRock Z97 PRO4 Socket 1150 Motherboard -
ok thanks a bunch, i've read a ton today all over about lots of stuff think i'm ready to go now have my ssd/HDD going to pick up that £50 dual core to tie me over and upgrade to an i5 at a later date once ive saved some and buy a beasty GPU.

one last question for you though which i havent been able to find an answer too

packard bell bv mcp73 this is the motherboard my current (bought, i didn't build it) computer has and i think the thermal paste may of degraded as i'm getting very high temps in games that never used to get my processor heating up so much so i thought i would buy a new CPU cooler (just a cheap one) to tie this computer over but the problem i've found is i cant find much info on this board via google (still sifting through things now) are CPU coolers universal? i'm running with the side panel off due to the GPU i upgraded to a couple of years ago didn't fit properly (i regularly clean the machine)

intel core 2 quad q8200 is my processor if that info is needed.

p.s. main reason i need a stand in cooler is the noise, wakes my wife up and thats just unfair if im playing in the evening :)
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Should be able to use any socket 775 cooler. I'd look at getting the CM EVO 212. You'll be able to use it on your newer setup too. 4GHz OCs are easily possible with that cooler on the G3258. Shouldn't need anymore than that coming from a Q8200.
I figured clearance wouldn't be an issue since you said you already keep your sidepanel off anyways. Forward thinking for the new rig was a thing so the best cheap choice is the EVO. If the board wasn't junk I'd say you could OC the Q8200 too. I had mine at 3.2GHz and it wasn't bad.
haha nice, when i upgraded my GPU years ago and i saw the name of the motherboard i instantly thought ''i bet that's crap'' nice to have the confirmation though!

way back then i thought to myself ''i should of built one, i hear there easy enough'' so this time around if i was going to buy one from cyber power or the like id make sure i new what i was buying!
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