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Salute and howdy!
Well, my new system should arrive tomorrow and I'm most excited. However I do have a couple of questions. . .
As per recommendations from this forum I went ahead and chose the p5n32-e sli over the striker extreme, fyi but in the manual I downloaded it says the default position for the 'plug and play OS' option is set to NO. Vista 64 is certainly PnP so shouldn't I set this to yes? I know it's an odd question but I thought I'd make it a non issue before the board even arrived.

In the bios, should I turn on the 'OS pnp' or leave it off?
Thanks, and as you can imagine tomorrow night while I'm building the system I'll have many more questions.

If anyone has this board (p5n32 e sli), a q6600, 4 gig of ram and vista 64bit OS and has a laundry list of overclocked bios settings they'd like to suggest I'd be willing to give it a shot. I'll be using stock cooling for a couple of weeks so keep that in mind when recommending OC settings.

I'd also like to thank all of you who've helped me so generously over the past couple of weeks. I certainly appreciate your efforts.


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i wasnt really awarre they called em pnp lol. either way u just set your first boot device to cdrom then chuk in the vista disk and follow prompts. i dont think having play and play would really matter unless it means if it is a bootable cd it will automatically run it without changing boot device
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