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All right. I never built a computer, and I don't know why I decided to now, but I always wanted to do it. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, but I'm currently playing on my laptop which was good when I bough it... 2 years ago, but now I decided to build me a a desktop. My budget is around $1400, and I want it to be a gaming computer, so graphics card is a priority here, but it would also be great to have an i7 in there, and would like to learn how to overclock it too. By the way the $1400 hundred budget does not include monitor and everything else, just the finished computer. I will appreciate any responses. Thanks.
Hey thank you for your response, but please can you tell me if you mean
5870 1GB or 2GB version? 1333 or 1600 for RAM and is that Sunbeam core contact cooler will be the only cooler I need for the whole system?
And actually to be honest I had this exact build while I was browsing around except the cooler and hard drive )))
Ok, well what about the GTX 480? It's the same price as 5870 2GB but more powerfull according to the benchmarks. I'm just really unsure about getting a Radeon card since I stuck with Nvidia so far, and I'm a little worried to switch. They also have Physx which is something I prefer to have. What do you guys think about that card?
Here is my setup

I hesitate on the GTX 480 because from what I read it heats like crazy... And I don't want to invest too much money into cooling solutions, nether I want to deal with with it. GTX 480 doesn't outperform 5870 as much, and I'm starting to realize that the only reason I want it is because of physx, which is just silly. Buying a separate card for physx is ridiculous as well, I'm definitely not gonna do that. What is the best solution for my problem? If you can help me I will appreciate, I will also be glad if you guys tell me more about GTX 480 and what is it like, is it really as hot and how hard is it to deal with the heat. And also will 750w be enough for it?
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