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ok guys i have this research thing for school and i have to take a survey. u can only take this survey if ur are 18 or over. feel free if u are under though i already have 20people under 18 because i asked some kids. ok so the questions is

Should animals be experimented on even though it can be cruel to animals?

Please state ur name doesnt have to be real but dont make a dumb one and ur age and yes if u think it should be permitted or no it should not be permitted please also explain why. thanks.

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Depending on the type of animal. Because personal animals should not be experimented on. Well at least cosmetics, includings make-up and shampoo. But on the other hand primates, Crab-Monkey's in petituclar, are the closest to the human species, so there need to be monkeys that give there lives to science to save the human race. For instance, the Reston virus is only "hot" to primates, but a single change in the Reston DNA could wipe out the human population because it is air-born and nearly impossible to contain if a human is infected. Because of monkeys we now know that. But there are also things that are un-needed to be tested, like Ebola Sudan, Ebola Zaire, and Marburg. But still monkeys are still being tested on the three filoviruses mentioned. Because we know how deadly they are, but not how they travel. But i dont think that matters, because the out break has been contained (that was in the 70's) and there are tighter inpections onn imported monkeys. Also, we do need to test new vaccines and medicenes on monkeys. So in some ways it's OK so "experiment" but there are times when this is just animal cruelty.


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I agree with everything arrizx said. I believe that in some circumstances it is ok to use animals for "experiments" as long as it is not completely cruel. For example: Testing radiation on chimps is completely unacceptable in my books because I really don't see the outcome outweighing the cost. But if we know that there is a imminate threat of a virus outbreak (like bird flu) then I believe it is necissary to experiment as long as it is for a greater good. See, I kind of think of it like this...You capture a regualr old street thug in New York City, you process him, maybe interrogate him for being a suspect in something, then you take 'em to the courts. Ok, next you capture a terrorist in Iraq who has vital information on the whereabouts of a nuclear bomb. This bomb is believed to be ready for launch at the United States in the near future...You torture him to get the info only because of extreme circumstances, do whatever you can to get the information.

hope that helped...:)


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Oh god, this has so much to do with a computer forum. My loins are literally dripping. Shit.

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I think that it should take place becuase in the future the things that are tested on the animal may be needed for them. I also dont think it is cruel, becuase like us animals will all die one day. So basically it doesnt have to be that cruel, but i suppose that it may kill the animals, i am basically neuteral.