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Somebody please help, kinda.

I need a good (no Ecniv i can't get signed up @ 4gigs) PHP server. That's hopefully free. I just want to learn an experiment with it, so i really don't want to pay.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
It's not too hard to set up your own environment with FoxServ (Apache + PHP + MySQL, Perl, etc.), is one, however the variant of PHP they use is cut down, which means some functions are shorted out as well

Should still work for simple home-brewed scripting though.
Oh, yea I don't have my linux CD's and i'm only gonna run Linux on the desktop, keep my laptop on windows, for now. :p

So running Apache & PHP on on a local server is kinda out of it for now, utill i get my Linux CD's back :)
Windows Schmidows....hahahhahaha. I think i'll just have to get my linux cds back and load up Apache, PHP, MYSql and all the other fun stuff. See what I could learn.

The reason I don't want to host it on my local machine, I'm on ATT Cable service, and my upload (client download) sucks! So it would run realllllllllllllllllly slow. Plus it's a slow machine PIIMMX 333MHZ. :p
Well, there are alot of them out there, go to google and search for "Free PHP web hosting"

problem is they all have different libs installed, and most dont have GD, which is the one I need ;)
I got bored at work and installed Apache & PHP on my laptop, it's all working right now!!

I'm gonna get my desktop set up and run that for a while...If all goes smoothly :).

Now I just gotta get a little mysql action going and It's all good :D. Hopefully tonight I can get something going...
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