Pentium 4 VS. Pentium M

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What is the difference in speed? Is a P4 3.0ghz equal to a PM 2.0ghz?

Need this info before I purchase a new Notebook. Thanks in advance
Did you know that the pentium M i based off of the pentium 3 architecture.The p3 architecture is way more stable, but back then the speed was just limited by technology. intel will be changing the pentium 4 architecture in the near future and going back to the p3 architecture since we hve more advanced proecessor technology now. I know this has nothin to do with the question, was just in the mood to ramble
Get a pentium m. I think anandtech did an article and posted results that showed that the pentium m solutions at lower clock speeds performed better than the pentium 4 notebook solutions at higher clock speeds.
yes pentium m is better for notebooks because theyre smaller and lighter weight than the pentium 4 notebooks
P-M, in spite of their low clock speeds, perform really well, like everyone else is saying.

I would get a P-M.

They use small amounts of power and produce very little heat. This means that your battery will last longer.
A PM is faster than a P4. A PM 1.6 is as fast as a P4 2.4. If you're getting a laptop buy the PM because it also uses less power and conserves battery life. P4's are garbage. The extreme versions are a waste of money. Buy FX. If you buy a desktop you should go with a AMD 64 CPU. If you buy laptop get a PM.
NewCents05 said:
the best one for a laptop is centrino but m is also good

A Centrino is not a CPU you know that right? It uses a PM. Centrino is a combination of Intel tech. They just branded it under one name.
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