ok this has gotten me confused.....

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ok well i just recently re-formatted my hardrive on my other computer and my room mate was screwen around because he couldnt check his email but anyways he ended up somehow changing the file system to "RAW" and personally i thought thier was only Fat 16, Fat32 and NTFS but anyways it when i right click on it, it sais thier no space on it [wierd], so if anyone knows how 2 change it back to NTFS without having to re-format and lose all my stuff it would be greatly apreciated.

PS. im running Windows 2000 pro on it.
well ok dont bother i fixed my own problem, and found out that if some one on your computer puts it so everyone is "Denyed Acces"
it changes the file system to RAW and if you put it back to allowing acces it puts it back to whateva u had b 4 so its all good now.
You have to reformat and reinstall. RAW is an old file system Linux used on boot floppies.
well shouldnt the win 2000 CD come with an option to convert to fat32/NTFS? well ive got XP home now but ive still got the "fat32 converter" program that came with 98, i fished it out of "C:\Windows\System" ages ago so if you want a copy you could give your email address and ill send it to you, but i dont think ive got an NTFS converter
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