Non-Commercial Software, free to use?


Hello all,

I recently started up an online computer repair company. It dawned on me that I may need commercial licenses for the anti-malware software that we will be using.

The best way to get the answers I need is to explain how the process works. First we start a live chat with the customer, the customer gives the "ok" to connect to their computer and begin virus/spyware removal.

My question is, is there any software out there that we could use to repair computers without any problems from these software companies? Or do I need to purchase a commercial license for each computer we fix? Such as 50 licenses for Spysweeper, or 50 licenses for Trend Micro and so forth.

My understanding of commercial use, is if a business has x computers, and those computers are installed using a commercial license key. Not on a customers computer... feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance!