Newest member here! Why do I get gobblegoop in the pre-windows screen?


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I am getting gobbledegoop when I switch on my Mesh PC running Windows 98. This happens on the power-up screen BEFORE windows is loaded. The PC then often goes into a low res mode when starting Windows, and after a few hours it often freezes. I was advised to replace the hard drive which I have done. I cloned it with Ghost from the original hard drive which had a few bad sectors. The new one has no bad sectors. For two days all was fine, but arriving home today I found the PC frozen. After resetting it I was dismayed to see the gobbledegoop again. I got the blue slap-on-wrist 'you should have shut Windows down properly' message with the yellow bar at the bottom. This was all totally unreadable. This also happened before.
It can't be the hard drive, so is it a problem with the motherboard or a componant on it? Anyone else come across this?

Please help - from the forum's newset member.

~mr mixx~

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well, this sounds like a virus...still hidden in the registry somewhere. when you installed the new hhd, and cloned everything back on there, did you go to Microsoft & do all the critical updates....

when ever you do a fresh install of and OS , you must then go imediately to MicroSoft & get all the critical updates.

this usually takes care of the vulnerbilities in the Os, but it also matters what anti-virus your running, cuz not every anti-virus will stop every virus out their.

but, if all the virus definitions are up to-date ....then you have a good chance to keep out the junk that sneaks in .

spyware is goog at doing this, unless you fight back, and block em out.