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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is my First Post on this forum, so please be gentle haa.

Basically I'm here to try and spread the word about my new Youtube Channel I'm starting up. I would consider myself a bit of a tech geek, always had a passion for all things technology and have been messing around and repairing stuff for as long as I can remember. I've got a slight obsession with all things quirky, things that haven't made it to market yet, new start-up tech and everything else in-between.

I'm typing this post all the way from Scotland and hope that my origin will provide something that isn't already on Youtube, A Scottish Tech Guy.
I've recently turned 30 and have a background career as a Joiner/Carpenter but, to be honest, it's not where my heart is and the forever growing pressure of being Self-Employed whilst in the middle of this Covid nonsense has all but crippled me. I'm also a single parent to an amazing little girl. So, time for a new venture and a new chapter in life for me.

I guess I'm writing this post to the community in the hope that some of you will have a look at my channel and possibly give me a subscribe in order to see my debut content when it 'drops'. I don't yet have any content posted. There's a couple of exciting projects in the background that I'm sure will appear to a fair few Techist members.
I've started a little discussion in the 'Discussion' section of my channel, in it, I'm looking for any feedback or any suggestions as to content you would like to see featured or even anything else I can implement to make my channel stand out from the rest.

I'll post a link to my Channel, if for some reason it doesn't work, then you can find me on Youtube under the guise of "DanHomeTech"

DanHomeTech - Youtube Channel

If you've read this far, then Thanks for your time and I really really would appreciate it if you could subscribe to the channel and to spread the word, feel free to share this post wherever you feel appropriate.

Hope you, your friends and family are all safe and well through this trying time.

Kind regards,

Dan - The Home Tech Guy.
I'd have a look and maybe subscribe, but unfortunately you have no videos on the channel :p
Hi Yami, thanks for the reply.

yes. Sadly there’s no content been put up yet, currently working on my intro cutscene and working on my ‘Welcome’ video. Just trying to drum up as much support for when I go live. I’ve managed to get a few companies on board for up and coming content.
I’ve set up a discussion on my Channel so that people can make suggestions towards content they’d like to see or any other feedback they may have.
The hope is that I can have a few subscribers for the ‘go live’ date and that they’ll get notified and watch my debut video as it ‘drops’.

thanks for taking the time to read my post and for leaving a reply.

All the best,
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