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Hello Everyone,

I'm a Rogers Customer, And I'm paying for 10 Meg Internet I believe. When I do a online speed test I am getting 9815 Download Speed and 970 Upload Speed with a 41 Ms Ping and 50 Mile's away from the test server. I currently have the Router & Modem in my closet, And when I go on wireless even when im in the room next to it, I'm only getting a 13 Mbps signal, When I'm in the same room with the closet door's closed I'm getting a 56 Mbps speed and when there open about 130 Mbps.

My Current Router, Is the Linksys WRT310N Wireless N Gigabit Router 802.11n with a 4 Port Duplex Built In. When on Wireless, The network is continously dropped and having to re-set it atleast twice a day. I'm going to be taking all the wire's out of my house along with the router and modem and buying new cable's and a new router / modem as I have a mix match of different CAT Cables.

My house is two storie's and around 3700 Sqft, If that help's to give a idea of what the setup could be. We have two laptop's running on wireless. Along with two desktop computer's running on cable. I'd like to put my Router & Modem in my basement and wire the house from there, and I am planning on setting up a server to host a FTP for all my files.

Does anyone have suggestion's for a Router / Modem and how I could setup the Network in my house? I've read some networking book's but I'm not really a expert on everything. So Please :) Suggestions?




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First thing first, before spending money to re-do everything have you tried upgrading firmware on your router? The WRT310n's had horrible firmware issues when they were released, and updating fixed all issues with it.

Assuming you have I'll start with the speeds. Your internet is almost exactly on what you are paying for. You will not get much better than that. As for wireless, a few things must be taken into consideration. First of all the laptop being used. If it is wireless G, it will not go past 56 Mbps. The door open/closed issue is relitively easy to explain. Wireless signals do not go through objects, but have to bounce around objects which makes it slow. Also, keep in mind that some power-saving fetures will slow down a wireless connection if you do not need to use all the speed.

If you still want to re-do everything just a few suggestions. 1, get CAT6 cable. It's higher quality and will serve you better. Also, I would suggest putting the router and modem in the most centeral area possible in the house. This means ground floor not basement. This will giver more of an equal wireless coverage around the house.

If you plan on purchasing the wires & ends yourself, i'd suggest you go to They have great quality cables/ends/crimpers at low prices.

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Thank's For The Reply!,

Currently, My two Desktop computer's that are on Cable, Are running on CAT3 or CAT4. So I'm not getting my full potential of the Internet. In our area we're available to get 20 Meg internet which I've been looking at. But, I've decided I dont really need it as 10 Meg is very good. I'm a extreme gamer myself, And a Computer Enthusiast. So, I like to have a very fast internet connection for Playing Games, And basically doing everything. I'm buiding a new High-Class Gaming Computer, With all of the best current part's so it'll last me for a couple year's and can handle all current game's and future games, So I'm upgrading my network to fit to my Gaming Needs :) And I'm buying everything from Tiger Direct as there's one in my nearby area and they have amazing price's and great support.