New Idea!


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Hey CF,

I was pondering the other day and though of a idea which I will soon start to build on.

My idea is basically and E Business Card Service

You basically sign up:
pick from an array of card designs
put in your logos and all you information you would like to put on

You will get a

-IMG code * to put the card on forums etc
-Tag * To place on your webpage
-URL* To give to people so they can view your card

Please post comments, and will someone let me know if this idea is already used?
Hmmm... I cannot say I see the use; would not anybody able to host their own site be able to make their own Image Tags and so on? Or were you talking about like... I do not know... sounds interesting but I am not sure what you are talking about exactly :D


In Runtime
lol, well is basically an online business card that anyone can use and give to other people. Some people dont have webpages and just want to get there companys word around :D
Hosting problems, sorting them out though. Are you helping with dotOmega? I can't remember, my memory is bad.

So how were you planning on implementing this Business Card idea?
Oh, cool :D Lol, I get so confused some times :p Mostly just when I forget my tablets actually.

Hmmm... well it depends how you'd want it implemented, cheapest but longest winded way would be in HTML, and just write the pages up for everybody yourself :p