New Game coming out in Japan!

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Hi there,

This may or may not be of any interest. New games in Japan.

Ricoche :D

Correction. There are two new games out.

Anubis - Zone of the enders

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance

I fixed the top part there. ;)


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That cover says "zone of the enders" on it. That was a Playstation game that was in no way related to MGS at all. You sure thats a MGS sequel?

Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion. The magazines I have really jam this stuff together. You are right. There are two different games we're dealing with here. After a careful re-read here is the correct info. Thanks.

Anubis - Zone of the Defenders

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance

These ads run back to back and the coloring or graphics are identical. I was even reading the Japanese article and both were mentioned side by side, so <LOL> this really confused me. <LOL>

Thanks again.

Ricoche :eek:

Here's a clip of the page for Metal Gear 2 - Substance.


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Actually, Anubis was the name of the unbeatable orbital frame from the original ZOE. And MGS was made by the same company as ZOE: Konami.

Unfortunately, Substance is scheduled to come out for X-box first, then PS2 later on... damn that to hell.

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