Need Power Supply & Vid card that will play almost any game

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Okay I made a thread on here not too long ago about buying a cheap little vid card. But now i've come to realize i want to go all out and buy something really good.i'm trying not to surpass a total of $150

My Computer: Compaq SR5050NX ( the only thing i've done to it was add more RAM so i'm at 3GB)

okay so I need:

Power Supply-
Video Card-

Thanks in Advance, I know you guys are great with helping out!
Alright awesome , thanks again guys.

so i'm pretty good with computers and i've installed RAM and video cards by myself with no help, but i've never swapped out a PSU. How difficult is it? and will I be fine doing it by myself? or should I get someone to help me out?
not hard at all.

disconnect all the power connections from the old psu, then unscrew it from the back of the case.

then screw the new one in, and reconnect any power connections.

if you think you're going to forget where certain connections go, try taking a photo or use some tape or something to distinctly mark and match the different connections to where they're supposed to go.
Okay i think I could handle it. I'll be back here again if I need help with it. Thanks again!
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