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this is probably the wrong place to post this but i don't know where else too and i feel pretty dumb for asking this but how do i make a signature i can not find any place in the user cp where in most forums they let you make a sig in there but how do you make one?
Computer Forums - Announcements in Forum : Hardware Troubleshooting

Regarding avatars, signatures, and special areas:

Forum privileges have been set up on usergroups. These usergroups allow for different forum privileges to be earned as members participate in the community, and thus are based on the number of posts made by members. Here is a current breakdown of those permissions and the usergroups for them:

Registered Users (0 -39 posts):

* Only forum provided avatars
* Profile pic, 100x100
* Forum titles

Registered Users Extra (40 - 100 posts):

* Same as above
* Signature allowed, text only (according to the rules)
* Custom avatars allowed, 80x80

Registered Users Extra BST (100 - 249 posts):

* Same as above
* Custom avatars allowed, 100x100
* Graphics and text sigs allowed, maximum size of 300 x 100 (accoding to the rules)
* Buy/Sell/Trade forum available

Registered Users Extra 2 (250+ posts):

* Same as above
* Custom avatars allowed, 120x120
* Graphics and Text sigs allowed, maximum size of 600 x 150 (according to the rules)
* Custom forum titles.

Any and all of these privileges can be revoked, but will only be revoked if there is reasonable evidence that calls for it. Also, any member "spamming" their post count to try to gain access (such as a multitude of useless or very short "I agree" type posts) will quickly find either their posts deleted, their access revoked, or both.

Updated 03 April 2009

Moved topic also.
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