need help with 3 comp build


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united states
1. Gaming comp. Only Games such as spores, eve. And age of empires 3 also need a good keyboard and screen for that so any suggestions for the comp $600 budget the screen and key board no limit but multiple suggestions because I don't know how much the new screens cost
2. A daily use comp used by me only and I use house building program that uses a 3d model view so need a graffics card for that and a small one should do fine also for these two comp a good sound card would be nice let's go with a $400-$500 range
3. A daily use comp that is used by multiple users need lots of storage space for pictures and everything this computer will be used roughly they don't know how to take care of a comp. So maybe a nice cooling system $400 range
Also if u can think of anything else the computers might need go ahead and add it and ill look into it. I want bare bone cases so everything from ground up cases and parts
Any and all hep will be much apreciated and its ok if it goes over the price range a little so u don't have to stop at 400 say it comes out to be 520 that's fine just nothing above 800 on the gaming and nothing above 600 for the others and if anyone replys u don't have to type is the name of the case u can use 123 as a label thank you :)