My system, is doom 3 worth it?

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I have had a hell of a time trying to find Doom 3 and I am wondering whether it is worth it.

My system:

Pentium 4 @ 2.58 Ghz
512mb 2100 ddr
Windows XP Pro
Radeon 9700 Pro@350mhz core and 326mhz ddr @ AGP 8x:cool:
Sound Blaster Audigy @ 5.1 surround

Is it worth it?


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Relax - it's more than enough. :p

As long as you can play the leaked alpha at a speed of 30fps or higher at least 1024x768x32, you are more than fine, and being playable with anti-aliasing enabled is the luxury.


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Yea, the 9700 pro is like the ONLY card out there now that will take full advantage of the game, all the NVIDIA cards arent up to snuff with it yet unfortunatly.

Hopefully the Geforce FX will change that though.


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no, but that's what i'm saying, I cannot find the alpha (except sharereactor which is taking FOREVER) and am wondering whether it is worth trying anymore. But thanks for your support.

P.S Anyone know of other places (checked sharereactor, kazaa)


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I've found the alpha on WinMX, Kazaa, and various FTP Search sites on the 'net.. it only took me about an hour of searching to find a good, fast download. Just keep at it I guess ;)


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No need to worry.

Your system will work fine with Doom 3. I know people that can get it to run with a GeForce 2 MX. Granted it's at an amazingly low framerate, but it still runs. Besides most people that run the alpha are not interested in playing it as much as they as interested in "getting a preview of what's to come". The leak only has 3 levels available and I'm guessing that id Will have changed them signifficantly before the shelf release hits. The best bet to get Doom running with any system is to use the Doom Config proggie that is floating around. Download it at There are some other good utilites there as well. By the way the game code is not optimized in the alpha. By release time the system that runs the leak at 10 fps will run the retail version at 40fps.


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I found the alpha on kazza a long time ago.
I have a celeron 1 gig cpu,GF2MX,and 384 megs of ram.
6-10 fps,on an incomplete,and unfinished game.

Personaly,I'm going to buy the game,play it,then upgrade my video card,and add some more ram.
It may not run in all it's glory,but I'm still looking forward to it.:D

The file you want should be 364 megs,if not,it will be a fake.
You'll need Winrar as well.
Here's how to get it to run.

1. In your Doom_III\base directory, open the runact.cfg file.

2. Comment out the last line. In other words, add the "#" sign in front of the string "devmap $e3_intro" so it looks like the following:

#devmap $e3_intro

3. Launch the game using the main exe file.

4. Press the tilde key (~) to bring down the console (just like Q3)

5. Type the following: exec runact.cfg

6. Hit enter, and wait. Seriously, it takes about 5 mins to load all the everything.

7. Once it is done, you can launch the intro movie, or play yourself.

8. From the console, use the following commands:
map e3/intro (Loads intro movie)
map e3/e3_1 (Loads first map)
map e3/e3_2 (Loads second map)
map e3/e3_3 (Loads third map)
map fred/e3bathroom5 (won't work for some people)

On my system,after launching the game,it took a good 20 minutes for everything to load.


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Ahh yes the Doom III leak. I have it and it's fun. I have a 1.7Ghz Celeron and 384MBs of Ram and a Radeon 9000. I am shocked you got it too run on a G2MX my friend has a GeForce2Ti400 and it wont load. Though if you are running a Celeron it will not run well at all. I have played it on a Celeron and on an AMD and the AMD does alot better on a nVIdia based card. Mine looks alot better but Celeron chips just wont do it. I get about 15-20max framerate. If I kick AA on though it is lower but thats mainly cuase the code is Optimized for a 2.4Ghz P4 with 512MB of DDR ram soley for the game so ya....and a Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB with DDR-II Technology.
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