inherited a 6 month old laptop that is super slow. are the specs bad or is

Agree with PP, there isn't much you can do thanks to the abysmal CPU.

Have had my fair share of laptops with the older low-end AMD processors, they just can't do much.

Great for a 5 or 6 year old kid that isn't into heavy gaming, or someone checking email, or writing a word document. Don't expect much from these things.

Rhcp1, sorry, but reinstalling Windows (modern... 7/8/10) isn't a fix for slowness in most cases. There is a reason things are slow, either due to hardware limitations, or because software has modified something it probably shouldn't have. The reinstall, if it ever speeds a machine up, just masks the root cause and will eventually return.
I agree with both of y'all actually. If the laptop came with any extra bloatware a fresh install would relieve the minimal resources of that junk. These HPs my kids got had Mcafee and a few other things that caused slow downs. At the end of the day 16-32GB of RAM and a clean copy of Windows with extras disabled still didn't make these things fast. Only tolerable for those that don't know any better.
That goes back to the idea of, "because software has modified something it probably shouldn't have". A lot of bloatware does things it just shouldn't do, probably why we call it bloatware today. Mcafee is... eww. How can they still be alive.
Try doing a refresh and start new. Press windows key on keyboard, start typing settings, Go to change PC settings ( in windows 8/8.1 and 10 probably gives you the same option,) it will say "remove everything and reinstall windows" under the General tab

I had the same issue and it helped me. Thanks!
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