Monitor problem


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Hi everyone,

I need some help with a monitor problem.

A few weeks ago I noticed my hard drive making a funny noise. I thought maybe the drive is starting to go bad. Then a few days later, my hard drive would make that same noise and then my monitor would blank out with a screen pattern.

Here's what I've done about it so far, my specs and what I have noticed:

1. I finally realized the noise my computer is making before the monitor goes funny is the noise the computer makes when you manually power off the computer.

2. It seems that the monitor does this when I go to certain websites or programs in my computer. For example, When I click to play a game, that is when the monitor blanks out. Sometimes, the monitor might continue to work, but the whole time you can hear the hard drive making that noise like it wants to power off.

3. The monitor also blanks out when I open MS Outlook. It also blanks out a lot when I restart the computer and it gets to the login screen. It makes it there sometimes, sometimes it doesn't.

4. I have run a defrag and it shows no problems with the hard drive, I ran a program called hdtune and it showed no bad sectors on the drive and I ran the latest SiSoft Sandra and it shows no problems with the monitor. Yet, when I went to run the module for the hard drives, my hd didn't like that and the monitor blanked out again.

5. I'm running Windows XP with a Radeon 7200 video card. I have an Antec 430W power supply and a Shuttle motherboard.

6. I've made sure the fan is getting to the video card so there is no blockage there.

7. Oh, one other thing. When this first started happening and I shut down the computer one night after the monitor went blank, the next morning I couldn't power on the computer at all. I had to clear the CMOS settings to get it to power back on. Twice this has happened when the monitor went blank and I had to power down the computer. I would have to clear the CMOS settings again to power on the computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


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Hmm, weird one. Apparantly, for your CMOS, I'd say to change the battery.

For your monitor, test it on another comp. I can't say anything from that becuase it can be a defective monitor or your video card starts to die


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Wow, this got lost to the 3rd page and still no help.

Anyhow, I updated my drivers to see if that would help; it didn't. The reason why I don't update the drivers for my video card is because once I do, a popup box wizard comes up saying new hardware is found. It asks if it can go look for the software and then when I say yes, it says the wizard is for "unknown" hardware.