Mobo that supports AMD new cpu 6core need help

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my current mobo does not support the new cpu i bought which is the amd phenom 2 1090 6 core cpu. i cant seem to find many that support this cpu can anyone help me out my current ram is ddr2 800 6400, which i would like to reuse if possible and esata would be nice :) only amd chipsets btw
Its sad to say, you might want to wait alittle longer for bios update before you do ditch it.

but thgen you'll miss out on your new toy.

your telling me :*( I wish there was some way to know for sure there was even a bios update that will come to my mobo.
You'll most likely have a BIOS update coming for that board. I really don't see BIOSTAR not giving it support for the Thuban.

****, there's a chance that the board may even support it now. Have you tried installing and booting?
Yeah I have the same board, its am2, am2+ and am3. You could try it and see, not really much harm in not trying lol.
yup I tried installing it soon as I got it lol. I was like a kid at christmas, computer would turn on but I would never get video. So seems I need a update
Well I wrote Biostar and email and heres what they sent back to me :*(

No, your motherboard does not support the 6-core CPU because the CPU requires a dual power plane design. A BIOS update will not help. This incompatibility is hardware related. To see which of our motherboards support the 6-core CPU, Refer to the chart in the link:

BIOSTAR supported Phenom II x6

Im very sad lol. Time for a new mobo. Im having a HARD HARD TIMe finding a Mobo that supports x6 with crossfire and ddr2 ram like ehhhh. So frustrating lol
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