Metroid "prime" for purchase or rental?

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I just bought a gamecube yesterday JUST so i could get this game.

I have one thing to say...

BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the most beautiful, in depth, and polished game I have ever seen!
I'd say purchase. You could probably finish the game in the rent time, but I find myself going back to it and just playing. It has awesome replay value. Had it since X-mas.
I don't know, it seems really really easy to me. I've played it for like 3 hours straight (yes) and I've gotten to the phlandria drifts with no problem at there a difficulty setting or something?!!
Once you beat it in normal you can set it to hard. HUGE increase in difficulty.
i bought the game the day it came out (preordered it like 5 weeks before it came out) and i love it. i bought it because i hardly ever get large amounts of time to play. I LOVE THE GAME! the only thing its missing is gore. but u can't get everything u'd like...
I bought a cube for 50$ thats american anyhow,I live in australia. I got it the day before primes launch, the cube is getting boned by the ps2 and xbox over here and has almost no support, i think were lucky the stores ever bought prime and stocked it but anyhow it cost me about 120$ american to play this game and its brilliant, its very easy unfortuantely, the items arnt hard to find, and after playing on hard for a while u wonder how u could ever have though any of it was hard in the first place. never the less its a brilliant game and the only reason i got a cube. I already own and xbox. I'll probably have to import MP2 but anyway its good so get it. Lol ive fought Meta Ridley so much on hard now, I dont even lose one energy tank when i fight him. I can beat it in 6 and a half hours on hard with all items and scans. SO yeah its easy after a while.

Damnit why can microsoft or someone else own Metroid>??? I have to buy all nintendo consoles for these damn games!!!pisses me off!
Metroid Prime is good.. I have lost interest in it though, ever since Windwaker came out.
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